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Kittross, John M.
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Given John M. Kittross’s role as academic dean and provost, the Academic series is the most expansive of the Kittross papers. The series is divided into four subseries: miscellaneous, university reaccreditation, legal, and master plans. The bulk o...

Kittross, John M.

Presidential Search

The Presidential Search series includes correspondence, resumes, nominations, and minutes from the search for a new Emerson College President in 1993.

Kittross, John M.


The majority of the Facilities series include preliminary plans and proposals for the Emerson College move to Lawrence and Lowell. Also included are facilities update plans for the Mass Communications division.

Kittross, John M.


The Faculty/Staff series includes agreements between Emerson College and the Emerson College Chapter of the American Association of University Professors, faculty tenure forms, and development of other faculty committees and assemblies.

Kittross, John M.


The bulk of the “Financial” series revolves around the establishment of three-year plans for Emerson College as well as financial operations profiles for departments within the Communications division of Emerson. Also included are financial consid...

Kittross, John M.

John M. Kittross Papers

  • US MBE MSS 038
  • Coleção
  • 1976-1997

The John M. Kittross papers contain materials that revolve around Kittross’s career and relationship with Emerson College, Emerson College Faculty, and Emerson College students. Kittross held a number of roles throughout his professional relations...

Kittross, John M.