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Subject Files

This series contains the files of Larry Mintz. These files contain humor and analysis related to the subject of the folder. In addition, there are newspaper clippings related to the file name or the article named as well as essays and articles w...

Public Relations/Interviews

This series refers to all public relations oriented materials. Materials include magazine and newspaper interviews, television dubbed recordings, production quality recordings, press kits, televised newscasts, lectures, variety show appearances, a...


This series refers to those materials created in reference to Dom DeLuise’s cooking career. Materials include television dubbed cooking show recordings, production quality video recordings, cooking television programs pilots, cooking CD-ROM and re...

Play Memorabilia

This series consists of playbills and program memorabilia from an assortment of theaters. Theaters in Massachusetts and New York are a bulk of this series. Some of the memorabilia present circa from the 1940s, before Betsy Carpenter was born. This...

Production and Distribution

Scope and content note: This series contains production notes, original cover artwork and photographs, cover stock, and correspondence. Many of the materials relate to the physical design and layout of the magazine. An e-mail exchange with founder...



Photographs are divided into two main sub-series then further divided by subject and title. Because the majority of photographs are not dated, the listed date range has been surmised by the information available. Some photographs included may have...

Scripts and Screenplays

This series contains screenplays in various stages of completion including screenplay first drafts, final drafts and a screenplay signed by Dom DeLuise. Notable items in this series include a signed copy of the screenplay for Dinner with the Boys,...


This series documents awards and honors received by Dom DeLuise. Materials include television dubbed video recordings and production quality recordings of the events. Significant materials include: a televised recording of the 1984 People’s Choice...

Other Scripts

This series contains the unbound scripts of twenty-seven other television series that Howard Storm directed one to five episodes for. There are also some screen plays that were nominated for Academy Awards in their respective years.

Storm, Howard


This series includes correspondence, accounting ledgers, and trustee meeting materials and minutes. Some pages have been removed from their original three-ring binders for preservation purposes. Receipts, invoices, and checks were also removed fro...



Each branch of the Friars Club publishes separate newsletters for its members to stay up-to-date on club events. Publications included in the collection are Friar’s Crier (Friars Club of California), Friars’ Epistle (New York Friars Club), and Fri...

Comedian Clippings

This series consists mainly of newspaper and magazine clippings collected by Warren Debenham from the late 1960’s to the early 2000’s. Some of the folders also contain photos, postcards, programs, and other ephemera.

Debenham, Warren

“A Force More Powerful” Documentary

A Force More Powerful is a documentary about nonviolent movements around the world, particularly in the area of civil rights and freedoms. Carmen fields utilized this documentary in an episode of her most recent show, “Higher Ground.”

Biographical and genealogical information

This series contains information about Shea's life and family history. Included is a short biography entitled “Miss Shea, the South End Follies Girl”, by Dick Card, and an approximate timeline of her life. There are also some handwritten note...

Helen Shea

Television Scripts

This series includes unbound scripts from other television shows written by Phil Leslie as well as scripts from The New Addams Family based on Leslie’s original versions. Each show is a separate subseries. Several shows include scripts for episo...

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