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Dom DeLuise Audiovisual Collection
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This series refers to those materials created in reference to Dom DeLuise’s cooking career. Materials include television dubbed cooking show recordings, production quality video recordings, cooking television programs pilots, cooking CD-ROM and re...

Public Relations/Interviews

This series refers to all public relations oriented materials. Materials include magazine and newspaper interviews, television dubbed recordings, production quality recordings, press kits, televised newscasts, lectures, variety show appearances, a...


This series consists of headshots and still photographs, film negatives, caricatures and character depictions, press release photographs and group cast photographs from various films, television programs, family events and cooking events. Material...

Scripts and Screenplays

This series contains screenplays in various stages of completion including screenplay first drafts, final drafts and a screenplay signed by Dom DeLuise. Notable items in this series include a signed copy of the screenplay for Dinner with the Boys,...

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